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Don't miss out on the ground-breaking UK-made ebike conversion kit that seamlessly integrates with your Brompton Bicycle. Enjoy all of the advantages of a modern ebike while maintaining the authenticity of your British icon.

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Powerful. Lightweight. Uncompromising.

Bromptons are brilliant and our UK-made kit is the only ebike conversion that retains the bike's authentic charm. Your Brompton will continue to fold fully and using F1 technology and precision manufacturing, the kit nestles perfectly in the rear triangle adding only 2.5kg to the weight.

With the motor providing power through the rear wheel, you can enjoy around 30km* of range while maintaining the same light and nimble steering you know and love.

Installation is a breeze - it takes less than 20 minutes - and once set up, settings can be adjusted effortlessly with our complimentary mobile app. Alternatively, you can opt for an additional remote display.

"This kit is fantastic. I'm massively impressed with the plastic free packaging (Brompton, take note!), the ease of installation, the fact that it fits my almost 20-year-old Brompton with ~zero adjustment, the peppy little motor, and how little the extra weight affects the balance and handling. Oh, and the calibration is excellent - it kicks in and eases off at just the right moments, both on the flats and the hills. Boost, you are absolute stars!👏👏👏"
(First customer review on 31st May via Facebook)

Our story

Founded in 2020 by Nick Bailey, Boost is a quintessential UK brand with a pioneering spirit and a distinct vision: to breathe new life into beloved bikes, transforming them into premium ebikes. Born out of passion, expertise and a commitment to innovation, Boost offers a seamless and enjoyable cycling experience that feels as natural as riding a regular bike.

"We aim for our cyclists to forget they're on an ebike and just enjoy the ride with a smooth Boost"

Nick Bailey

Nick Bailey created Boost as a company that would redefine the ebike sector. Bailey's motorsport passion and deep-rooted connection to British engineering have led to collaborations with industry leaders, including a partnership with Formula 1 parts manufacturers.

The ethos behind Boost is clear: create high-quality ebike conversion systems that are so integrated and intuitive that riders can focus solely on their journey, free from distractions and unnecessary complexities.

The Boost kit for Bromptons

The Boost ebike conversion kit, meticulously engineered in the UK, is a game-changer for Brompton enthusiasts.

Seamlessly integrating advanced F1 technology, this kit is a harmonious blend of form and function. It has been expertly designed to tuck into the rear triangle of your Brompton, ensuring the bike's iconic foldability remains uncompromised. Beyond the tech, the rear magic lies in the experience: around 30km* of range without sacrificing sharp steering and lively responsiveness that Brompton owners hold dear.


Designed around the unique geometry of Brompton bicycles, we use top-tier materials and advanced techniques to ensure the drive system offers an uncomprised biking experience.


The system keeps the bike's easy-folding characteristics intact. With the motor at the back, it ensure light and nimble steering. We think this is how Brompton's original designer would have wanted a Brompton ebike to feel.


Our battery casings are 3D printed in Silverstone, England, where we tap into the engineering mastery of British motorsport. The electronics are housed in a tiny 11mm high recess and the main system processor is from the same family as powers Apple's AirTags. The battery is made from ten high performance Samsung 3,500mAh cells.


A water-cut F1 spec Permaglass panel safeguards the battery enclosure, providing resilience and wear resistance.


Fastended by titanium bolts available in five colours including gold and oil slick, it adds as little as 2.5kg to the bike's weight and the battery discreetly fits the bike's frame, staying in place even when folded.

Don't just take our word for it...

"I've had plenty of experience with the Brompton Electric and Cytronex Brompton, but on the short test ride I had on the Boost I came away more impressed by this compact system."

Warren Rossiter
Senior technical editor - BikeRadar

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How fast can I go?

The top speed of the Boost London conversion system is 15.5mph, which is the UK & EU speed limit for an electrically assisted bicycle. You can still pedal past this speed with good old fashioned leg power if you want to, as the motor adds no resistance!

How long does it take to charge?

The battery will charge in 3-4 hours. It is best practice to keeps these high performance Samsung cells topped up rather than fully discharging.

What support is available?

We have a customer support team who can assist you if you have any questions while fitting the system, or afterwards. Though we have designed the kit to be simply and easy to install, so there is no bike/mechanical knowledge necessary for installation. We have a network of over 100 UK bike shops and these are available to handle the upgrade for you for a small extra fee.

How much does it cost?

The full retail price (after our pre-launch campaign) will be £999 (excluding local taxes and shipping). You can secure yours for a promotional discount by ordering as part of our pre-launch campaign.

How long will delivery take?

Delivery time will depend on your location, but purchasers in the UK can expect their system to arrive 3-5 days after it has been dispatched. EU customers can expect their kit to arrive in 7-14 days.
Please note that this is a pre-order campaign and the earliest that the first systems will be shipped is March 2024. Orders placed now will likely ship in April or May 2024.

What does the kit include?

Everything you need! The motor and battery unit, a two sprocket Brompton wheel (you will choose your colour before dispatch). Everything can be controlled through our free app, and an optional upgrade wireless display is available.

Are there any risks in paying in advance?

Boost is a successful and well supported UK company who already sell a different Boost system for full size bikes. Boost has excellent reviews on Trustpilot and a thriving Facebook community. We put our reputation on the line with a crowdfund because we have absolute confidence in our ability to deliver the Boost London. Where there are delays or adjustments we will keep all backers of the campaign updated. The system will be in stock and available for full retail pricing in mid 2024.

Will I lose my rear mudguard or have to stretch my frame?

There seem to be a couple of deliberate mistruths in circulation (created by our favourite folding-bike manufacturer?!) that the Boost system means you lose your rear mudguard and have to stretch your frame. Neither are true or have ever been true. The blue Brompton used for a prototype doesn't have mudguards but that's because they were never fitted. You can see on the photos above with our black/green Brompton that mudguards remain.

What's the small print?

  • This is a pre-production product and the anticipated UK Recommended Retail Price is £999. This product is not yet on sale and has not been sold at this price. The anticipated price and offer discount are for guidance only as final pricing will depend on factors outside our control.
  • Refunds are available up to the point that we package your order for you. Your order contains a custom built wheel and refunds are not possible once dispatched.
  • This product contains a UK warranty of 12 months return to base.

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