Boost your Bike

Rear motor bike upgrade | UK design & manufacture | 50km range | Under 4kg | Home or shop install

Boost Bikes | LONDON, England

At Boost we're not just about converting your bike - our British engineers have designed the ultimate system to upgrade you bike into the e-bike it wants to be; if you love your bike, give it a Boost kit and spend more time on two wheels!

Your safe & legal Boost kit includes

  • Super discrete Boost rear motor-wheel built to your specification
  • High pressure rim tape fitted
  • Boost 6Ah 36v Bottle-Cage style battery
  • Boost Bottle-Cage Motor Controller
  • 36v 2A Charger (UK or EU plug)
  • Bolts for the bottle cage

Optional Extras

  • Cassette or single speed cog of your choice
  • Boost wireless display

Your Boosted Bike

All wheels are built to order for you - so we can provide any combination of standard rim size, colour and spoke colour.

Axle type

What dropouts & hub width does my bike have?

Bike frames (mostly) are either open dropouts or through axle. Check this link to find out which you have Boost wheel building guide - Frame identification.

If you would like our new through-axle motor, please check out Through-Axle Guide.

Single speed bike open dropout
MTB / Road / Hybrid open dropout


Or coaster brakes

We're really sorry - Boost is only compatible with disc and rims brakes.

Please reach out to our support service for help.

Your Wheel

What wheel size do I need?

The easiest way to work out your wheel size is to look at the tyres on your bike.

A number such as '26-1.75' means a 26" tyre with 1.75" width.

And '700-28' means a 700c tyre with 28mm width.

Most tyres will also show the ISO number; usually 559, 584 or 622.

ISO 559mm
ISO 584mm, 650B
ISO 622mm,
27", 28", 29"

Rim Colour

What are the options for rims?

We'd like to supply a rim that matches your existing bike wheel.

Rims suitable for rim-brake bikes have a silver band for the brake pad to work against.

We also have fully black rims - these are only suitable for disc-brake bikes as they do not have a braking surface.

The Boost motor has a mounting point for a six-bolt rotor disc so can be used with both rim brake bikes and disc brake. Disc brake rotors may need to be changed as we've found rotors smaller than 160mm can cause the disc brake caliper to touch the motor - a simple adjuster plate can move a caliper from 140mm to 160mm position.

Black / Black
Disc brake only
Black / Silver
Rim or Disc brake
Silver / Silver
Rim or Disc brake

Spoke Colour


You have chosen a single speed 120mm width wheel; we will fit a 16 tooth sprocket onto your wheel. Please email support if you need a different specification.

Speed options

Number of speeds

Do not fit
No cassette fitted
Single Speed
Single speed adapter
7-11 speed cassette

Number of speeds


Remember your wheel design

Don't want to forget your wheel configuration? Let us email it to you...

Quick final check

All wheels are custom built and can't be refunded, so please check the specification carefully *. Please double check the following. If you have any doubts contact us or head to your local Boost bike shop.

  • Your bike has standard bottle cage mounts and there's enough space (Frame fitting check.)
  • Your bike is open dropout quick-release or 9.5mm / 10mm solid axle or (NEW!!!) through axle.

* Wheels are 'custom-made items' under Distance Selling Regulations